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That same night, Raza had fallen asleep in the woods from exhaustion. She had woken up to bright sunlight and blue birds chirping in the trees.
She sat up with squinty eyes trying to remember what had happened yesterday. A tiger butterfly flew around her head, her eyes followed it's every move. It circled her head at least 6 times and Raza's eyes traced the circle until she became too dizzy to keep watching. She then remembered why she was in the forest.
"I remember now, I ran away from Scott....." a tear fell down from her eye, "Scott, my teacher is Bun-buns..... the infamous murderer...." She still was deep in denial about it all. The very fact that the murderer the detective was searching for all these years was himself. "What do I do now?" Raza thought, "I can't go back there..... but I have to stop the murders...." Her train of thought was soon interrupted by rustling in a near by bush. Raza's heart sped up in fear, "What if that's Bun-buns?!".
She then noticed two brown ears ticking up behind the bush. Raza watched curiously, "What could this be?" she thought.
The creature strolled out from the bush. Raza saw what appeared to be a brown raccoon. "Ello there!" it cheered. Raza stuttered, "Eh? Hello? Who are you?" The brown raccoon cheerfully answered, "My name is Snatch! And you?" "Um, I'm Raza." she replied shyly.

Snatch laughed and said, "What's a person like you doing out in the forest? You seem like the city type of person."
Raza sighed, "And get killed by my teacher? No way." Snatch looked surprised, "Your teacher wants to kill you? Who are you exactly?"
"I'm junior detective Raza, apprentice of Detective Jerold Scott." she said. Snatch seemed excited, "Did you say that you know THE Jerold Scott?" Raza blinked, Yes, I know him.."
That's so cool!" Snatch cheered happily.
Raza was still deep in thought, "Why is this guy so happy and energetic? And didn't he hear me say something about Scott wanting to kill me?"
Snatch smiled and said, "So where are ya headed?"
Raza thought about what to say and replied, "Snatch, have you ever heard of Bun-buns the murderer?"
Snatch jumped up and down and declared, "Yes I have! I know Jerold Scott wants to send him to jail!"
Raza simply said, "Well let's jut say that I know where he is and I need to get to the FBI."
Snatch flipped out, "You know where Bun-buns is?! Do you know what this means? Once you gt to the FBI you can turn him in!"
Raza sighed, "I don't know how to get to the FBI though..."
Snatch happily said, "My cousin works there! I can take you!"
Raza looked up, "Really? Oh thank you!"
They started their journey to the FBI. Raza was in deep thought again, "I can't believe this, I'm turning Scott in.... and if Snatch finds out that Scott is Bun-buns, he'll be heart broken...."
They continued while Raza's thoughts grew and grew...
Chapter 8 finally. Sorry if you got the unfinished version in your messages... ^^;

I love Snatch, he's so cool. :)
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Snatch is so awesome ;D
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Ich auch
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Thanks :)
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